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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
  Holiday Meals.
I wonder if anyone else out there took advantage of three hours of great live radio on New Year's Eve, as Garrison Keeler broadcast a show from the Fitzgerald Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota. It started at 11:00 PM EST and went on till 2:00 AM. Remember you can always check out the weekly Prairie Home Companion show by listening to a web cast at wned.org. That is the station I listen to.

I ended watching two of the four movies shown this weekend. The one on Sunday was "The Island" a drama about how wrong cloning can become. Today's movie was "The Devil's Rejects" and I am not really sure which of my obviously in-short-supply brain cells I was using when I decided to watch that one.

It is now 9:35 PM and I am entering this as a draft. I have been working since 6:30 PM and have gotten out six pages of proofed posts. Count time -- be right back.

Okay, I am back. Need to finish this up, proof and print it and then will have completed 7 pages of single spaced text.

Now that the holidays are gone, hopefully I will get back on the track of writing a little bit each day. I have plenty to write and need to get it done.

I hope all my readers had a great Holiday, and are now ready to buckle down and get around to all the things they put off doing for the holidays. What, you did not put anything off? I am the only one guilty of shirking my responsibilities? Oops.

We did get a piece of boneless chicken breast for New Year's Day Dinner. It was pretty close to a real thing.

That leaves me with one out of three for holiday meals. While they did serve a piece of meat, allegedly beef, for Christmas, it had absolutely no flavor to it that would lead one to believe he was eating real beef.
Sunday, January 29, 2006
  The Two Year Long Post!
Well the year is winding down. It is now 3:05 PM here at my wonderful humble abode. I am not going to watch any of the movies this weekend.

I just wrapped up the last step in a legal proceeding I have been working on for a fellow inmate. We will now be waiting till the end of January, 2006 to see what the opposition says. Then sometime after the first week in February, 2006 he will get an answer. If the court rules in the inmate's favor, he will be released immediately. If he does win, he should have been released back in September, 2005. He would have been in prison five months longer than necessary.

Further to be somewhat modest, okay not modest at all, if it were not for my free and very talented assistance he would not have gotten out at all. The kudos may be a little premature, but the point to remember is that the prison system can do things that would be found illegal in the courts but as an inmate in the system you must either have the resources to hire a lawyer or do it yourself.

There is the possibility you might be lucky enough to find another inmate to help you, but that is at best discouraged by the prison authorities or deemed an illegal act and opens up the helper inmate to disciplinary proceedings. It is illegal for one inmate to receive funds from another inmate, but that is one of those things that does go on within the walls. The problem in is that the majority of the time the ones taking money for legal services do not often obtain positive results. I do not charge any inmate for the assistance I offer.

The plan is to work through the next three days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) and then mail a nice fat envelope to my editor. I will be holding this post open to allow me to add a recap of how well I did at generating posts for all your reading enjoyment.

For now, I am going to get ready for the last meal of the year. It is not a special meal and I am going just for the 'Homemade' brownie. I will be cooking something to eat a little later on tonight.

After the brownie snack, I will begin to work on the growing to-do pile of things I want to write about.
Now the second part of the post written a year later, 2006. See how time flies when you are having fun. The preceding paragraphs were written on December 31, 2005. I managed to create six pages of posts that needed to be proofed and printed.
Friday, January 27, 2006
  I know it has been a while
since I have sent you a letter. I have spent most of the last few weeks feeling blue. I have read a bunch of books and managed to not let the New York Times get too far behind.

I got a bunch of mail including your much appreciated letter that arrived the Friday before Christmas. In addition to your Christmas card, I received cards from Bobbielou, Calulu, and a few of my parents' friends. One card included a $25 money order. Bobbielou also sent me a New Year's card.

I will be getting back on the writing wagon now that anything I type will be arriving next year.

I hope you did not worry about the lack of any letters from me. I figured you would enjoy a Pete-free holiday period. I will also get through the backlog that now exist from the last several letters you have sent and I have failed to properly respond to.

Tonight's goal (now 5:30 PM) is to get out the thank you’s to a few people and a letter to Bobbielou about some of the things she included in her two cards to me.

Reverend Paul took a few minutes out of his busy Christmas Eve to draft me a letter. I am very happy with all the Christmas mail I got and it really did make the holiday here a little brighter. Thanks for you contribution to that mail.

Off to tackle the rest of the mail. I will end with a post if there is time. Figure most of the blog readers would probably be busy and not checking out the blog anyhow.

I will do a Christmas meal post. It was a few steps up from the spam turkey but not much. At the least the Feds made sure to bring in some "real" food for the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays.
Sunday, January 01, 2006
  Happy New Year 2006.

[Editor] I have not heard from Prison Pete in over two weeks. At this point I have nothing new left to post, so the blog will go dark for a little while.

In the meantime, let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe 2006.

New posts will resume as soon as Pete decides to write.

There is no mail delivery on Monday, so check back later this week, but not earlier than Thursday.

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