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Friday, July 09, 2004
  Can I ask what you are in prison for?
Yes, you can ask, it is a free country, and this blog has an "ask any question you like" policy, with no specific free speech zones. But that does not mean I can or will answer them.

At this point, I would like to be able to deal with the outside would as if I am not an incarcerated person. The web allows a certain amount of anonymity, and I ask the reader's indulgence in allowing me to exist as a non-felon at this point.

I am not proud of my criminal background, yet I am forced to deal with it almost every waking minute, and am looking forward to this blog being a way to escape (Attention Corrections Officer reading my mail before it is sent out: I mean escape mentally, not physically!) my surroundings from time to time. The one thing the prison system cannot take totally away is one's mind. Oh, they make it difficult to exercise it, but not impossible.

So, since society is well-protected physically from me, I see no harm in allowing my thoughts to run free as it were. You all as the readers of this blog, also have the right to remain somewhat anonymous.

So, I ask you to take me as I am less the criminal aspects. At some point in the future, I do intend to fully discuss all aspects of my life, and I do think that knowledge of the whole is important. But for now, I am asking for a little leeway to enable me to get my feet wet in dealing with the free world from my razor wire encircled existence.

[Editor] Updated Dec. 17, 2004: The good news is Pete is no longer a Federal prisoner. The bad news is that he is now a New York State prisoner. His NY appeal is still pending. If this appeal is unsuccessful, he will not be a free man until 2009 at the earliest.
You never answered why you were in prison. My question is.. how can you communicate with the WORLD in prison? I thought prisoners had NO access to the WWW? Please Inform
Evening Sir!
Your blog was listed and I wanted to letchya know you've got some talent man! But I was mainly writing to let you know I took that Tiffany Schley story and posted it in my words and placed a link to your blog. I hope this is ok with you Prison Pete.
I couldn't believe that story didn't go national. Anyway...I put it in non-CNN terms and hope it gets read by millions.(yeah I dream too)
If you don't want the link just give me a memo, sir, and I'll delete it.
Hoping you're gettin' those crossword puzzles by now,
Bill Bramble
BlkButterfly, some of your questions answered here http://prisonpete.blogspot.com/2004/08/about-this-blog.html
c'mon, prison pete, we've all done things we're not proud of. you can tell us!
Heeeeeeeey! If you want a break from reality and a little fun - I know a woman who LOVES to indulge in sexy emails, IMs and phone sex (even better it is at her own expense!) Contact inside_gfd_2004@yahoo.com and feel free to spread the word among your fellow inmates or readers. She blogs on this site too (all about her sexcapades with men around the country online) and she can't get enough...her blog is www.sooo_infectious.com/blogspot.com is you want to check this out for yourself
Hello, I just viewed your page and hope you are well. I had many a pleasant day resting at the pleasure of Her Majesty the Queen. Read a lot and worked in the print shop printing (collating) parking tickets. I did a lot of reading and staying in my one room flat. The use of the internet is great. It must give you much pleasure. I have just started this blogging thing and have much to learn about it. I am interested in uniting persons that have been previously convicted into a voting block. Perhaps united with catholics they could make some positive change. Keep up the good work-Cheers
Hello Pete sorry to hear that you have razorwire for a fence but take heart they will let you out sooner or later unlike some of us who carry our fences with us, keeping us looking out at the world forever. You still realize that you are free inside your mind and that counts for alot. Good luck with being good.
I'm new at this, too, and I'm not sure I want anyone to know who's writing this yet. Stupid, huh? As if anyone would know, anyway,
We all have prisons, Pete. You're locked up in a cell; I'm locked up in a body that hurts all the time, like I was in a bad car accident yesterday, or someone beat the crap out of me today. The doctors give me drugs, but they don't work very well anymore. And they cost a fortune, which I don't have. So I'm actually doing worse now than I was 5 years ago.
The good old USA is supporting me, too. By way of Social Security disability. Some people who should be in jail but are instead making money hand over fist in the insurance industry ripped me off for the $16K per year they should be paying me until I'm 65-about 15 years from now. That's about 1/4 million dollars. It's amazing how much power these people have.
I don't know what you did to land yourself in there,Pete, but I bet it wasn't nearly as bad as what these corporate crooks do every day with the support of the US government. Even if Uncle Sam can ignore the insurance crooks and the banking crooks and the pharmaceutical crooks, how can they ignore the tobacco crooks, for God's sake. How is it they're not in jail?

Anyway, I stopped looking for answers a long time ago. Fairness and justice exist somewhere, perhaps, but not here on earth. I just try to think about what I have to be thankful for at least once every day. It really does help.
Hope you're hanging in there, too.
Have you tried self-hypnosis or meditation? They both work great for an escape when the pain gets too bad, whether it's in your body or in your head.
Take care
you have the internet...lucky you...I work in an office where we are not allowed internet access. funny world!
Hi Pete,

A lot of people make the wrong choices and do stupid things. If you learn from your experiences then you've made tremendous progress.

There are many people that definitely belong behind bars but they walk around free and the law says that's ok. I'm not real sure anymore about the word, "justice".

If you'd like and are able to access it, have a look at my blog sometime. http://www.katesworldblog.blogspot.com

I write about my husband (his name is also Pete) my kids, my snake and anything else that makes me laugh or comes to mind.

All the best for the future.
Hi Pete,
I too am a convicted Felon. I did a couple of years in a Georgia State Prison for too many bad things to list here. But, I did come out a better person than I was when I got caught. I came into a world that still had outstanding warrants for my arrest which I had confessed to when I was first locked up and they told me that the paper work got lost under a pile and was just found. Ha!
So, I had the Fugitive squad hounding me and I just called them and turned myself in and bonded right back out. The Judge gave me a 15 year probation sentence with a $1000.00 fine. Real nice of him since it was their snafu that caused the whole mess in the first place. So, I paid my fine and did 6 years of active probation alongside my parole, and did a total of twelve years of inactive probation. I just wanted to blend back into society, but could not. I contacted the county who charged me, and got them to ask the judge if he would let me off for the remainder of the 15 years , and he did. After 5 years more with an impeccable record, I applied for a complete pardon which after a 1 year waiting period, I got. Now , I can buy guns, vote, leave the country and act just as normal as anyone else. Oh yeah and I have even been called to jury duty once. Got rejected! Ha!
Don't know how long you got to go, but there is always another tomorrow although it comes tough. It seemes that I was more respected and treated better when I could walk into a place and just outright tell everyone that I had just gotten out of prison. There is a certain amount of automatic respect for an ex-con that an ordinary citizen does not receive. Believe me it is true. I experienced it first hand. So, some day you too shall receive your well deserved respect from everyone. That is one thing that I will never forget. It's been 22 years since my release, and I wish I could return to that time and live it over again. Not being in prison, but the respect that I was shown by the world for what I had been through.
hi pete.
well you have done wrong from what i have read, but think of it this way you learned your lesson an wen you get out you will be a better person and not make the mistake you made befor..well i really like reading your blog..i must say it is the best one i read so far..well you can go check mine out and tell me what you think of it if you would like..and yea i haven't been to jail or prison but i have had boyfriends that did..and well they told me all about it..i can admit i was a little scared..but the changed when they got out..well i just wanted to stop by and say good luck and i hope every thing goes good for you..bye
Just out of curiosity...you say you would like us to respect your anonymity, which is dead cool, but why then do you title your blog, Prison Pete. If your going to tease, you should at least post some relief, or change the name of your blog to something else. You invite the question, then deny the answer...it's sorta rude, eh?

Best of luck to you!
Just out of curiosity...you say you would like us to respect your anonymity, which is dead cool, but why then do you title your blog, Prison Pete. If your going to tease, you should at least post some relief, or change the name of your blog to something else. You invite the question, then deny the answer...it's sorta rude, eh?

Best of luck to you!
I was a correctional officer for about a year in NE. A small county jail. I must say that the prisoners there were quite the interesting crowd. Some of them I couldn't understand why they were locked up. Everyday people do some stupid things... (including myself.) But there were several inmates that were intelligent and up to date on the every day events.... I wish people wouldn't judge so much. "people in jail are bad" i beg to differ. NOT ALL people in jail are bad... and to all of those close minded people, look at yourself first.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I must say, You got talent and lots of it. This coming from a new writer to you. Keep the words coming.
Hi pete, im from oz, and only just found out what the hell 'blog' is. Your story was the irst that captured my interest. Always been fascinated about prison life, but not enough to wanna go inside!!

So your thoughts and comments are great! Can't wait to find out more.
Ive really enjoyed reading your posts. I noticed you like the Beauty's trilogy series. If ever your bored, and feel like a lil reading, please check out my blog @ www.deepinmymind.blogspot.com. Keep on blogging :)
I dont know if my last one workd, so I'm trying again. You're blogs are very well written. If you ever have some time; and feel like a little light reading. Please visit my site.
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