Prison Pete

Sunday, August 01, 2004
I know it was a while ago you sent this to me, but I like the list on Jennifer's blog (from June 8). Well, let us go and do the list thing and see where that leads.

The List

Thirteen Random things you like:
1. computers
2. music
3. pizza w/ extra cheese and anchovies
4. snow skiing
5. 1963 Caddies
6. wind-up phonographs
7. herring in cream sauce
8. jaw breakers
9. spy thrillers
10. carpentry
11. tent camping
12. long drives on dark deserted roads with the snow falling
13. crosswords

Twelve movies:
1. Blazing Saddles
2. Casablanca
3. Animal House
4. Sleepless in Seattle
5 .Mash
6. The Day of the Jackal (original not Bruce Willis remake)
7. The Dirty Dozen
8. Kelly's Hero's
9. Good Morning Vietnam
10. Miracle on 34th Street
11. It's a Wonderful Life
12. Wizard of Oz

Eleven Good Bands/Artists:
1. Bach
2. Beethoven
3. Duke Ellington
4. Beatles
5. Rolling Stone
6. Bad Company
7. Paul Simon
8. Steely Dan
9. Bob Marley
10. The Who
11. Vivaldi

Ten things about you:
1. 48 Years old and single
2. member of federally funded gated community (prisoner)
3. tall (6'4"), with blue eyes and long hair
4. like to sing
5. teaching myself to play saxophone and piano
6. appreciate the opposite sex
7. like getting snail mail
8. can type using Dvorak keyboard layout even though keys are labeled for QWERTY
9. modest and intelligent (able to gain entrance into aforementioned federally funded gated community)
10. 40 plus years experience living in NYC and environs

Nine Good Friends:
This one is interesting, but they know who they are, and I love them all dearly for the moments of pleasure they bring to my life in this dreary place.

Eight favorite foods/drinks:
1. frozen margaritas
2. Fried mozzarella sticks
3. beefsteak tomatoes
4. dried sausage/pepperoni
5. Diet Coke
6. fish
7. Chocolate
8. Hagan Dazs Chocolate Chocolate-chip ice cream

Seven things you wear daily:
1. Clean underwear (Mom knows best)
2. Khaki shirt
3. Khaki pants
4. size 11 EEEEEE boots
5. Timex Ironman watch (IndiGlo impaired)
6. reading glasses
7. Mennen Speedstick Deodorant

Six things that annoy you:
1. the word mother-fucker used in every sentence
2. the word nigger (regardless of who uses it)
3. the Justice system and the current climate of stifling FREE SPEECH
4. apathy of the American people in letting Washington D.C. get away with highway robbery and other crimes
5. the excuse of Homeland Security to spend more taxpayer money on useless projects
6. the lack of our recognition that, yes, history does repeat itself.

Five things you touch everyday:
(Hmmm, how to answer this one?)
1. the typewriter
2. my spoon
3. my head to the pillow
4. the door to my cell (although sometimes it has stayed locked for up to three days, but I still touch it)
5. glasses, but I am not blind yet

Four shows that you watch:
1. Navy NCIS
3. Hill Street Blues
4. Get Smart

Three Websites:
1. Don't I wish I could

Two Unusual Places You've been:
1. Inside the wall of the Atlanta Penitentiary (not proud of that to be sure)
2. not sure what else

One person you could spend the rest of your life with:
My soul mate that is out there somewhere, and when we find each other, our lives will become complete. Truth be told, I had my soul mate and was asleep at the wheel and blew it big time. So, here is hoping there is someone out there who will love, cherish, and appreciate me for who I am as I will promise to love, cherish, protect, and adore her forever. Think Sleepless in Seattle.

I have learned a lot about life in the past eight years. It is an education I do not wish on anyone, but I got one, and I will live the rest of my days with the utmost respect for life and freedom. I will never again put those that I love at risk of losing everything because I thought I was smarter than everyone else.

I enjoyed reading your list and am flattered you copied it from my blog. Am amazed that anyone else besides a couple of my friends read my blog.
I hope you find your soulmate as well some day. I think I've finally found mine and it's a great feeling. After going through a divorce it's sometimes hard to imagine that you can find one, but I decided I wasn't going to settle for anything less.
Am sorry to hear about the appeals process for you. I continue to wish you luck with that. I still read your blog on a daily basis and always find it interesting and a little disturbing at the kind of life you have to live. I guess it's a big learning curve for you, but you seem to have a good grasp on dealing with it and getting through it. Keep your chin up and remember that everything happens for a reason (no, I'm not going to spout religious affirmations). I just believe that there's always a lesson to be learned from the mistakes we make.
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