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Thursday, August 19, 2004
  No soup for you!
From the "We cannot allow random acts of kindness to go on without fucking with them" department comes this late breaking news item.

I was called down to the mailroom today to be told that I could only have five of the nine books you recently sent.

I was told to choose which five I wanted, and then I would have thirty days to bring them stamps and an address to send the extra four books out.

I asked them where they were getting the five-book limit from, and they said the policy statement for inmate property.

I gently informed them that the property list clearly states that we are allowed a total of ten books. Only five of them would be allowed to be transferred, but we could have ten total.

Never one to let a possible out slip by them, they then asked me how many books I had in my locker.

Lying to staff is on the list of the two hundred or so things we are not supposed to do, so I told them that I did have more than ten books in my locker.

So they said, fine, then you get none of these books! (Think "No soup for you!" from the Seinfeld show.)

See what a debate with someone with the mind power of a gnat can do for you?

Well, after still trying to get them to confirm what rule they were using, I caved in and said, OK, let me see the books, and I picked five. I told them I was donating the other four and by rights they should show up in the prison library, but I doubt it.

I have two different publications, official BOP statements that clearly show we are allowed ten books. There is no specific policy statement as to allow the mailroom to limit incoming mail except if it is deemed a danger to the institution such as by being pornography, or dealing with weapons making, escape plans, or heaven forbid, computer programming.

So, for the short term, please send only five at a time. I realize this sort of increases your mailing costs, but I am on the case and I am going over the mailroom supervisor's head to get a definitive answer.

Of course, part of this process has the sure-fire possibility that all of my future mail will be held, folded, spindled, and mutilated.

Stay tuned for further updates.
A very interesting blog. I never expect to read a blog written by someone in a prison.
Wow, at least you have access to a computer, guy!
He doesn't have access to a computer, he writes letters on a typewriter to his friend, who then posts them for him. Don't be sarcastic if you don't take the time to read.
No soup for you! That's why it's called 'Prison' and not 'The Book Club For Men'! *insert maniacal laughter*
This is one of the most interesting blogs on the net. Keep up the good work
what did you do to get in prison? i don't feel like trying to find this fact in your past postings.
peace, bro.
This is an excellent blog.

It takes all types of people to make this world.

One set consists of those intelligent people use their excellent imagination to good use to create worlds that are perfectly believable.

Another set consists of the majority of the world: poor, gullible fools who waste their sympathies and admiration on the former.
But good writing, Pete (or should I thank Ed).
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
[QUOTE]He doesn't have access to a computer, he writes letters on a typewriter to his friend, who then posts them for him. Don't be sarcastic if you don't take the time to read.[/QUOTE]
I did take the time to read and did see that an accomplice types up the goods for him. I guess I should have been more clear for the slower amongst us - at least he has indirect access to a computer. BTW, my initial post was not sarcastic but rather more along the lines of "count your lucky stars, jailbird"...
T a N T R i x,
Thanks for the compliments.
I print and mail all comments to Pete, even negative ones posted anonymously. I agree with what Anonymous says about child molesters, but disagree in that we did not "ask" him or anyone else to read this blog. Do yourself a favor. Turn off your computer, read a book and improve your mind rather than read this drivel.
PS: good call, tantrix.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Awsome site. Come stop by some time.
hi ther, just visited your site, its very cool... very different. http://kezjournal.blogspot.com this is my blog, do visit it and c how u like it..wud be nice to have your comment, thanks
HI, I think regarding the whole book thing when a little person gets a little power then it goes to their head! there was a psychology experiment done in America where volunteers were each given the role of either prisoner or guard and it was amazing how the grip of that power over another person really took hold of them, in some cases to the extreme. Don't let the bastards get you down!
Also, a whole load of flaming going on here today! Free speech and all that but hey if it offends you don't read it! What's anonymous saying, that we who read this blog and give pete the benifit of the doubt are mugs for doing so because out of all the crimes there are pete could be ,in their assumption, guilty of one of the worst? It's wrong to just launch into a flame like that...hey turn your venom to michael jackson if you want to yell about that kinda thing!
If this were my blog, I'd probably take off the commenting capability, to avoid threads like this. Why subject yourself to it? Surely life is hard enough without a lot of self-righteous morons, strangers, taking cheap shots?

Anyway I just wanted to say that in England, they call the sort of people who work in your mail room, "jobsworths." The idea is that they'll answer a reasonable request with, "It's more than my job's worth to break this rule..." but there may not even be such a rule. Really they just enjoy the petty power trip.

(You can be out in the normal world and find yourself standing, carless, in line for the drive-up bank teller, because the bank has screwed up your account and may charge you for the privilege of closing it unless you talk to someone but the drive-up teller is the only thing open and they're pretending there's some rule that they can't talk to you unless you own an automobile. I'm not sure if this kind of money annoyance is worse than a book annoyance or not...)

I get the impression that one of the worst parts of prison is these people? I hadn't thought of that before.
I meant to sign the thing above. -Mary Messall
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I find it remarkable that the people who are quickest to judge in here are the ones who remain anonymous. Clearly, shame must accompany such selfish and judgmental feelings.

On the book front, my partner is only allowed five at a time at Eglin. Is it possible that different federal faciilities have different rules?
I remain anonymous because I don't trust a guy who won't tell why he's been incarcerated.
I remain anonymous because I don't trust a guy who won't tell why he's been incarcerated.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anyway, I reread about the books, now I understand the 5-10 book difference.

Editor, tell Pete not to fret the few virulent vocals around here, I'm sure that most of the readers are supportive. Pete is in the process of paying his debt to society, the way society requires. Once he gets out, and finishes parole, that debt is paid, no matter what the crime. It's not like he's hiding it from the government, they already know what he did.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hi Pete, I think there are a lot of sicker people on the outside! I see that you are subject to a lot of PROJECTIONS, people blindly assuming what you did, based on their own fuck-ups, or things they would like to do if they weren't too afraid to do it, or even to admit it to themselves. I think there's something honest in people who do do things, even if those things are not 'right', according to this time and place and it's moral values, and deserve some form of correctional something.
I believe strongly in treating the person with love, as love heals, hate does not, and not just blindly treating the 'thing' you did. Whatever that is.
Maybe you ripped off a huge amount of money from Enron, or halliburton or something.. That would change people's perceptions of you, hey?? ;-) In that case, I would say good for you! maybe you're an A1 hacker..

Anyway Pete, I admire your courage, and wish you the best for your release date in November. God Bless. (Real God, not the made-up vengeful stone-age deity most people 'believe' in..) The god who really does love, forgive, and understand it all. ALL of it, is ego, in all of us, we're all 'missing the mark', so to speak. You're no 'worse' than any of us who are living in less than a state of perfect love in ALL moments. Heather
Out of respect for the Editor, Pete and the spirit of this blog, which has nothing to do with me or my inclinations; I will respond only once, lest anyone else be frivolously discredited by fallacious assumptions.

Even assuming I am a homosexual (the ungainly clinical term), from which your assumption is weak, at best:
A) You don't know whether or not I have children.
B) You don't know whether or not I "have an inclination to reproduce."
C) I have mentioned some of the children in my life within my blog on several occasions. But since you didn't read past a careless type of mine, you don't know about them either.

Pete, keep up the good work. By the way, there's a fantastic dialogue about our prison system from Bill Maher's show several weeks ago. It's at http://www.hbo.com/billmaher/new_rules/20040806.html.
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