Prison Pete

Wednesday, August 18, 2004
  Test Your Digital IQ
1. Did you buy your computer online?
My computer is original factory issue. I have had it since birth, and although it is over 40 years old, it has never required a hardware or operating system upgrade. Also, no payments have been made to Bill Gates.

2. Do you have broadband Internet access at home?
I live in a federally-sponsored, single-sex, gated community and have no direct access to any broads (so much for political correctness). It does not matter if they are in a band or not.

3. Do you have a firewall at home?
I’m not sure which definition to use here. My home is a 7'x12' cement block, single room occupancy home, and each wall will certainly withstand plenty of fire. On the other hand, the staff has a place with walls that are used to hold up targets that they then fire at with hand-held gizmos that, when activated, cause a metal projectile to fire at incredible speed. Is that the firewall they are asking about?

4. Do you read your office e-mail?
Most of the monitors in the offices here have protective screens that make it difficult to read anything on the screens. The staff tends to treat us residents like mushrooms (in the dark and covered with bullshit).

5. Do you read your personal e-mail?
I have the first generation of mail before Al Gore created the Internet that turns out to be more annoying than telemarketers - snail mail! I do however read each and every piece of mail I get. Feel free to send any mail you want and rest assured that it will get my undivided attention.

I started the above creative writing and it got off to a great start.

OK, maybe it is not that great a start.

But then the old A.D.D. kicks in, and it was put in the "Round Toit" pile.
I suggest you read a tad up on the "Al Gore invented the Internet" nonsense...I'm sure you meant it more as an aside than anything else but it's a hapless monkeying of jargon by the media that lead to its gross distortion...here's a good link, http://www.perkel.com/politics/gore/internet.htm
I had to click on your "Prison Pete" blog. It made the "Blogs of Note", something I have not been able to do in the past two years. You know that you are a "sitting target" so to speak from the outside world. There are a lot of angry people who want to "slam" some one or something. So good luck...
so, how many times has prison pete been sodomized?
ever read the stranger by albert camus? you should.
Hey, I enjoy the scarcasm you have. Do you find that a sense of humor helps you deal with your day to day life? Do you wish you had a better sense of humor some times? Has being in prison helped you gather a sense of humor or has it dulled your humor?
Hey Mike,
That's not nice! But as Pete recently wrote in the posting about passing his AIDS test "I have had no sexual encounters with any members of the opposite sex, or the same sex for that matter". But former President Clinton (who made no claim to inventing the Internet, everyone knows Al Gore did, and Bush isn't smart enough to have done so) made a similar statement and he eventually admitted he had, so who really knows?

But do you discuss sodomy with your friends? I don't, so I will take his word for it.

Actually, the subect came up in a ten page hand written letter that I just received yesterday and have not yet typed up. Soon, but it is a real chore retyping vs. scanning typed pages. Anyway, I am paraphrasing here, but he said he saw two inmates "way too close together" while he was walking past a room, and finished the description with "man love. Ugggh." In that case it sounds like it was consensual, but this is a sensitive area and we will not touch it. Sorry.
Sorry, I have to question this post.
Test Your Digital IQ 1. Did you buy your computer online?
My computer is original factory issue. 'I'?* have had it since birth, and although it is over 40 years old, it has never required a hardware or operating system upgrade.?* (how could u know this?)Also, no payments have been made to Bill Gates.
?*..My first reaction to this is I thought u didn't have access to a computer. My second reaction to this would be is this ur friends statistics? My third being now do I believe this blog? Is this a freudian slip?
*these things are suspicious..
he was being smart.....try being a little more open minded when you surf the bloggers and things may make more sense......
pretty sure his "computer" is his brain. Most of us would like to think our "computers" work better....
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