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Saturday, August 21, 2004
Life sucks and then you die, and then there is prison.

Since I have yet to hear back on my latest attempt to cut or eliminate my NY sentence, I am in a La La land feeling that the next few months can either be a journey to freedom or an oasis before entering a darker and more physically threatening Hell!

My wonderful cellie just dropped into the room to tell me what other people are telling him about me. They are worse than a bunch of old ladies!

I am no longer working in the print shop and am currently "unemployed". While I miss a few of the aspects of the job, the addition of nine hours a day to do things for me is an interesting change of pace! The lack of pressure and stress has already reduced my asthma, and I am sleeping better.

To say that I took my job here seriously is to put it bluntly. My "stupidvisor" told me that he did not care how nice I made everything look. I was not a staff member and he was pissed at me for not removing a "code" on the printer.

First of all, I did not put the code on there and I printed the code in big letters right on the machine and told the Supervisor of Education (my stupidvisor’s boss) that it was there! He went off the deep end when a repair guy came and stupidvisor could not find the code. The real irony of it is, of course there is a "factory code" that the repair guy knew (I saw him use it, so I knew it too), but stupidvisor did not know enough about the machine to go to the "paper menu", which shows all the codes.

I told this fact previously to all of the staff in Education, but again, none of this mattered and it was entirely my fault. So bottom line, I am a "free man" from that job. Getting fired for being smarter than those you work for does not bother me, and would generally not happen in the outside world!
Wow, now this is a good blog. I really like, check out mine. http://agamerhell.blogspot.com
Wow, now this is a good blog. I really like, check out mine. http://agamershell.blogspot.com
Hi Pete--as you probably know by now, your blog has been listed on Blogger as a site of interest and that's how I ran into it. Thanks for doing it.

Just wanted to comment that "getting fired for being smarter than those you work for" does indeed happen frequently in the outside world, especially if you don't bother to hide the fact that you're smarter. It's happened to people I know, and boy is it infuriating.
As I have said before, I don't know whether this thing is for real, but I do enjoy reading this. It's a sort of Kafkaesque world (don't know if that's the word). Reality is subjective; one's mental prisons are worse than physical ones.
Surely, a person, imprisoned for any offence, should have the right to write. It's harming no one.
I feel some of the comments on the previous blogs were too harsh. People, who think this is drivel, have the free will to stop visiting this site.
Life does suck, and "stupidvisers" make life even more miserable. If you are smarter than your supervisor, you only get fired. Even in the real world. Most companies prefer average, normal people. Everyone hates a genius, especially your immediate boss. Who knows you may take her/his job!
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Good luck!
Ps. you may want to go to check the writings or books... before making any judment... there are going to blow your mind!
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