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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
  When was the last time you used a typewriter?
Let us see, should I type this on the memory typewriter without the spell checker, or on the no-memory typewriter with the "beep-if-you-misspell-the-word checker?" Well, let us try the memory typewriter, and see how good my proofreading skills are.

Already this first draft is a mess, but you will not see it, so that is not yet a problem. The memory typewriter only has a forty character LCD screen. Plus, this only has a 10-CPI wheel as opposed to the other typewriter, which has a 12-CPI.

I am only "working" until 7:30 PM and then heading back to the unit to read and probably rot my brain in front of the TV for a bit. It has been a tough week.

Despite my usual upbeat, can-do attitude, various staff persons have "hit me" [Editor] not literally a few times this week just because they can, like the mailroom story. I know it is my fault that I am in this fix, but anyway, let’s see what other great news we can impart.

Sorry this is so messy, but today was my weekly shopping trip day and I finished off the two or three treat things that were supposed to last me all week, in the last eight hours instead - plus a pint of ice cream and four or five cans of Diet Coke - so I am sort of wired on caffeine and sugar.

Now, if I only had a computer program to debug, I could probably break the 4,000 lines of code per hour record!

Speaking of the print stuff, I am also enclosing two of my more creative projects. Not bad considering I did both of them with only a typewriter and a copy machine to get the masters. The colors are done at printing time. It takes three passes: one black, one red, one blue. Not bad lineup!

Sure, a computer would be helpful, but hey, you work with what you got. The multiplication chart is actually being used by all of the teachers here. They are all teaching GED classes. That is the only goal for the staff here, GED’s. It keeps eight staff people busy full time.

OK, let us clean up what we have typed so far and see what that leaves us time wise. Stand by while we do the proofing.

Hmmm, by the time you read this sentence, you will have already read the proofed part, but will you actually notice it?

OK, we came, we read, we proofed.

I have not printed, I just scrolled the entire thing past the forty character window!

High tech, right?

Well, it is now almost 7:00 PM and I had better print this out and get it all ready to mail.
dang that is a lot of stuff i learned just by reading your nice blog. my parents say i should really take to tought of your blog. i shared it with my friends and we decided something you did something wrong but your paying for it because you got caught and we think you do something wrong you pay the price but you seem like a nice person. so we changed our thought to live a nice life. thanks man.
I have just spent the last hour or so browsing through your blogs. I think that you are a very interesting person and think that it is great that you continue to exercise your mind with the reading and writing. My foster brother was in prison and never bothered, he is paying for it now.

I figured from your writing that you must have committed a pretty bad crime to have been in for eight years already, myself being from England I don't understand the American Justice system.

You said a few times you changed careers to "live of tax payers". I wouldn't worry to much about that our politicians don't seem to have a problem doing it.

Recently i have changed my way of looking at people. I now am judging people as I find them rather than how other people find them. You seem decent enough to me. I spent a lot of my time judging people how my parents told me they were rather than how I found them myself,so now I stand on my own two feet and make up my own mind.Something I really should have been doing anyway.

I see you have an interest in British comedies. Jeeves and Wooster and Fawlty towers. They are both excellent choices. Fawlty Towers is more realistic of the brits than Jeeves and Wooster, however if you get a chance have a look at Only fools and Horses. This is a more realistic insight into how many working class brits live.

Thankyou for allowing me to have an insight into your life and keep up the writing.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The last time I used a typewriter was probably while working in the music office in college. I think I used it to type up envelopes for mailings. Since then, I'm not sure when I've used one. I did, however, go to typing contest when I was in high school. It was a great way to get out of doing work during class!
I guess it's a good thing that you have access to a typewriter at least rather than handwriting it.
Keep sending us posts.
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