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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
  More PCC.
(PC) fuck the cracker! So does any of this make sense? Does it show the true nature of my existence? That is why the books are so vital and the letters you send are so important.

Yes, there are tons of inmates here who we refer to as having been rescued. They generally fall into two kinds: the self-proclaimed rescued who realize they would not be alive today had they continued on the path of physical destruction (i.e. drugs) they were on, and the Lame of Brain that just about manage to keep clean and get to the chow hall to eat the three square meals a day.

Gotta take a break, I am losing all control of thought and hand coordination. Hopefully I will be back in a bit. I still have plenty of pepperoni left! (PCC)

It is now 11:52 PM so I have been at this for two straight hours now. Break Time! (PCC) (PCC) Ah, the joys of living alone. Take two pepperonis; put a smudge of cheese between them, and viola, an Atkins-like pepperoni sandwich. Look Ma, no bread! Off to stretch and rest.

Well, I rested and then some. It is now 8:15 PM Thursday and I realize since I am making a carbon copy I can surely mail this and simply refer to the copy and continue. There is one danger in that you read what I have written so far and I also review and find, Oh shit, I should have clarified that point sooner, but Hey, let us, okay me, see how this works as far as putting (or not) my foot in my month.

The grease stains on pages from here on are not pepperoni but popcorn. The pepperoni ended up as part of my breakfast menu this morning. Yum Yum. Cold pepperoni slices, maple brown sugar oatmeal, and a Diet Coke.

Country song: Live Life Like You Were Dying: See if you can listen to the song or read the lyric! Kinda speaks to how I feel about when I get out!

I have not stopped to read what I have written so far, but the mind has a whole bunch of stuff to dump out. Although you mentioned that I had lots of time, well, today I actually worked almost straight through from 7:30 AM till around 2:00 PM (working lunch too). Even from 2:00 to 3:00 I was trying, unsuccessfully, which is what try means anyhow, to get some staff assistance.

I spent most of the day generating paperwork and creating inmate files and needed to have a staff member put some initials on half the stack and signatures on the other half.

I went back down at 5:00 PM and did a lateral move and got one of the two more cooperative cops to at least sign the weekly Pour Schedules for the Ceramics Shop. They get to pour the clay into the molds on Thursday, Saturday, and Monday, and if I did not take the initiative, well, the person that was supposed to sign, was not going to do it tonight. So even though my status down there is being hit from all sides, I still rose to the occasion to get done what needed to be done.

After I accomplished that, I went out and did nine laps (0.39 mile per lap) and surprised myself when the first lap came in at 5:04. I thought 5:30 was the fastest. True, I was walking by myself tonight and listening to NPR news as I walked. So I ended up doing four laps in 21:07, four more in 20:17, and a cool down lap in 6:54.

Not bad, I was going to skip the walk on account of being tired but I do feel the rush of getting the blood really pumping.
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