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Saturday, October 09, 2004
  Sex in prison.
Mind you, we had inmates here drooling over the Olympic gymnasts! Not me though, honestly.

For example, I have pretty much avoided most of the pictorial pornography here. I have no copies of females glued to the insides of my locker door, nor do I pay stamps to preview years-old copies of hard core books. I do, on the other hand, enjoy and have read much erotic "literature." You know what blogs I am reading!

The point I would like to write about is how we in America have such a hard time seeing sex as part of a loving relationship. Also, it is probably the biggest area of false reporting. I am thinking of everything from the old airbrushed, now digitally edited, Playboy pictures, to the surveys that are now popular fodder in the FHM and Maxim type mags.

I was thumbing through the latest FHM and came away truly thinking of the pictures in there as being "cartoons", with the old admonition from Mom ringing in my ears about how the women in those pictures were not "real women." By being so isolated from all forms of intimacy and sexual comfort, I am in a great position to speak as to how I see things.

Some of these sentences make no sense because I am just getting a feel for how to verbalize what I am driving at. I need to be able to break down the subject and talk about what I am missing, what are available for replacements, and how that works.

For example, my friend Dave was certainly the only person within the last eight years that I have openly shared my feelings with. There were certainly no feelings of sexual intimacy with our relationship on my part, but all other areas were openly discussed. It was more than a couple guys getting together over brews at the bar after work, or even sharing with siblings.

By contrast there is usually an opportunity to experience a physical relationship with another inmate. We have had from time to time a number (under ten) of openly, feminine gay inmates. I have personally seen (not to any great joy) two guys exiting the single toilet down at Rec, and other blatant examples, so I can speak from firsthand knowledge of gay sex in prison. I have heard stories of much more, but I know that a lot of it may indeed be stories!

The point there is that there is physical intimacy available here. I cannot speak to the emotional love involved, although there have been some great lover's quarrels. And they are great for gossip all over the 1,600 man compound.
well as i said before. reading between your lines you still have sexuall hang ups. and i know that these lines will not get to. you because it dosent suit you. well any way i still think you are a child molester. as you have never denied the fact and your molitive words aint fooling a lot of us. enjoy your stir. while us normal human beings can enjoy a few drinks and bend down in the shower without looking over our shoulders have a nice sentence
Pete, as far as revealing your crime, you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. It really is a catch-22 for you and others in your circumstance.

I really don’t know you as a person well but I do enjoy what you write. You make me appreciate of the freedoms I do have. It is the simple things we take for granted and reading what your day to day activities afford you makes me very appreciative of my little freedoms.

Also, I wanted to add that the anonymity of the internet make it very easy for people to judge. You really have little consequences for the things you write behind the anonymity of the internet. So don’t take what detractors write too seriously. I guarantee that these people would not so those kinds of things to your face. The internet can make some of the biggest cowards as brave as lions.
if jonathon is refering to my above comment. i surely have no problem in saying those things to anyones face. and if that is the attitude of some.rehabilitation does not seem to be working. remember prisoners are in prison for a reason. they have commited a crime .and as as soon as those do gooders who have never seen the inside of gaol realise that these people are the most coniving bunch that you will ever come across and they will try to sweet talk their way into and out of every situation its their only way of survival have a nice day!
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