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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
  Prison Pete Post Office Box?
One other thing I am not clear on. They have two large boards here with everyone’s full name and inmate number. While it is against policy to possess any internet website info on another inmate, according to one of the other inmates they (inmates) still check out everyone.

So the main reason for me at this point to remain anonymous on the blog is to prevent pissing off staff or inmates with what I write. In other words, if I tell a story about what goes on here and names match, that could be a problem. So that could be a reason for keeping my name off the blog.

If you were to selectively give out my address I do not see a downside. If they never put my name on their blogs or in a comment that would be okay with me.

I am assuming that this would not actually affect your anonymity in any way. Unless one of your close friends turns out to be a reader; but then they would have to know my name to connect the blog with you.

I am not sure if I am writing or thinking clear on this so please understand I am not at all suggesting anything that would make you in the least bit uncomfortable.

I am thinking that those people who would like to print and mail their blog to me could do so.

We would still list links that you approve of, but the actually keeping me up to date would be up to the posters. The upside for them would be I would be willing to snail mail direct to them comments they could post on their site. Is any of this clear?

I am still going to check on the post office box idea with Mom and Dad, but I am not sure how that might really work. They could forward mail free without opening the envelopes, but if they were to open and repackage my mail into one envelope, that could be a problem.

So even the post office box would lead to me knowing who sent it unless they leave off the return address. If I need a return address I suppose Mom and Dad could stick their label on the envelope. So that way people could send me stuff anonymously. That would certainly save you the hassle of printing the blogs.

How would they know what I thought? Well, if they do not want to give a legitimate return address they might get an occasional post once in a blue moon via me typing and you emailing.

That would be how you would say it: give a return address and get a personal reply.

But then unless Mom and Dad opened my prison envelopes and re-mailed with blank return address, these people would know who I was.

So the only reason for a post office box would be for people who wanted to send stuff anonymously since they might refuse letters with no return address here.

Then again, you could safely post the post office box on the blog and then it would be up to me if I wanted to respond or not.

Okay, I think I have wasted enough ink on various combinations and how they would work or not work.

Let me know what you think. The post office box would have to wait for my parent’s return from Georgia anyhow.
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