Prison Pete

Thursday, June 16, 2005
  Ethics, what ethics?
It is 6:00 PM. Two papers, no letters. Not sure if the package guy has been here yet.

I just got done speaking to Daniels, who wanted me to write a letter to his lawyer about refunding part of the $25,000 retainer he paid last year. He had written a rambling diatribe that was likely to get him committed as insane, if anything.

I started to write my own take on the matter, and asked him if he knew the hourly rates the lawyer was charging. He then gave me a copy of the retainer agreement, which is better than using a gun to get $25,000 from a bank.

It clearly states that no matter what happens, the full $25,000 is earned and they will still bill Daniels for any additional hours once that $25,000 is used up. What a racket!

It took about ten minutes to convince Daniels that there was no point in writing anything to the lawyers since they had him dead to rights and there was no way they would be kind and give him back any of his money.

The really funny part is the agreement clearly shows that in his particular case the law firm knew they were drawing down on a charge card and that there was no way Daniels would be in a position to pay off the debt!

Ethics, what ethics? Take the money any way you can get it.

I have printed the enclosed blog post two or three times and think it might actually be error free? At least better the some of the other stuff. I have done some real editing, deleting parts, moving around a few words and letting it sit for a bit before I reread it yet again. As I type this, I am still going to draft print them each one more time to see if it is EPT, as in Error Proof Typing.

I had a tuna salad sandwich for lunch today. Really was lazy about it. Opened one can of tuna. I do have to use a manual can opener. Mixed in a little mustard and garlic powder. I was too lazy to chop up any fresh onion. I even fit the whole can on to one sandwich with two slices of American cheese. Usually I would have made two sandwiches but that was also deemed too much work.

I did treat myself to 5 bags of M&M`s (peanut) this week on account of my birthday. Two bags gone already!

In the past my parents have enclosed an extra $50 with the June allowance, not so this time. This does really suck, because I realize I am lifting up some pretty high expectations and they could all come crumbling down in one twenty-four hour period, forty-eight if the gods decide to give it to me slowly.

I am hoping for a visit this weekend from Mom & Dad. In the alternative I am wondering if they opted to send in a Birthday food package. I am also figuring I should hear something from my blog readers or you by Friday's mail call.

As I see it, I find out the blog has imploded in Friday's mail call around 4:00 PM, do not get any package, and then spend the first two hours of Saturday morning, waiting to hear my name called for a visit, and that does not happen. Yeah I know stop being so whiny. You would think after 9 birthdays in prison I would finally be able to treat it as just another day.

Time to take a piss break, print the blog stuff one last draft and then see what the spirit moves me to do, besides wallow in self pity that is.

Okay still not inspired to do much, I did finish off the Sunday NY Times from May 29, today. Not too much else, so I have given the post one final printing and made the last correction. Going to put the ribbon in and print all this stuff up.

I guess you might actually be reading this on Saturday, if it makes the trek in two days that is.
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