Prison Pete

Wednesday, June 15, 2005
  Parent's Day.
Just a short note. I am typing this into the memory first, unlike the previous letter which was a "direct to ribbon".

I received the correct power AC/DC converter for my radio. My Dad placed the order on June 2, I am not sure why it took so long but at least I have it now.

I did not receive any mail today, maybe tomorrow? Or has the release of my identity caused the Blog to implode? I know, patience.

I do not know if I will see my parents this weekend. Probably not, but I am waiting to see if a miracle occurs. I will send a letter to my mom this weekend, asking here to comment on the idea of collecting the letters for my Dad. I do not if she or my siblings have already put some plans in motion.

I also wanted to mention that you might want to convert Father's Day to Parent's Day. You and the kids could pull a "surprise" inclusion of Mom in the day. I know you would not be able to find Mother's day cards, I presume you did give her cards already, but the kids could handcraft some cards. This falls on the idea of a "surprise" like this could go the extra mile and might really give her the boost you find so elusive. Just a thought.

There is something really strange with two of the radio stations here. WNED is the classical station, and there is also WBFU which is the SUNY Buffalo station. WBFU carries the NPR and other programs I am used to hearing. I think they broadcast on 89.7.

For some reason the signal from WNED is coming in on the same frequency as WBFU. Not sure if this is a solvable problem. Could you get me the mailing address for the two stations? Also if you could send me the web pages that show what frequency they each broadcast on and if they list the power of the signal.

We are closer to Buffalo, but maybe BFU is too weak? The thing is depending on who I twist the headphone wire (antenna) I can sometimes get the WBFU station but one tiny move of the wire and WNED comes in. It would seem that the fault is with WNED transmitting a signal that bleeds over other frequencies. Not a big problem to be sure but I thought I might write some letters and see what happens.

By the way do you remember reading Mat Miller's Op Ed column on May 28? "Honor Thy Teacher." He talks about a plan to really boost the salaries of the teachers in poor neighborhoods. The following quote caught my eye. "And there are environmental benefits, too; if a young couple thinks they could jointly earn $250,000 as teachers, we very well end up with two fewer lawyers."

I just finished reading May 28, (Saturday) New York Times. I did not receive the Sunday paper today so for the first time in a while I am back down to 7 days of papers. I did receive 3 of them yesterday. I have also cut way back on the articles I cut out, and actually am reading the ones I would normally have cut out in the past. This too shall pass? Perhaps, but I really need to find a damn groove. I think the raising of bar, in terms of holding on to every interesting story printed is a good place to start.

I picked up the Get Smart book you sent in one of the last shipments, it is a thin book and I figured I could knock it out quickly. The whole first scene in the book is about his ringing shoe phone while in mid-town New York City. They describe how every one is looking at him as the ringing sound comes from his shoe, and then he finds a phone booth, complete with door to take off his shoe.

Today a kid reading the book would say "A shoe phone? That is stupid, everyone has portable phones and what the heck is a phone booth?"

Anyhow the whole thing is such a classic example of contemporary social commentary writing disguised as a novel, which read 40 years later, some parts still make sense, but other parts no longer make any sense at all.

Question: Typing a letter to Mom and Dad, my greeting reads, "Fear Mom and Dad." Freudian slip or typo? You make the call.

9:15 PM let me proof and print.
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