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Saturday, July 30, 2005
  So that is what it means!
I have been really lazy lately and have not typed much in the last five days. I am working hard at developing some consistent work habits. I am good at starting new things, so getting stuck in a rut has never been a problem for me, except the 'wonder why I never seem to make any forward progress' rut.

I have a lifetime full of great ideas and good intentions, but alas not all that much to show in the "completed goals obtained" column.

According to my records, the last batch of new words was written on June 3, 2005. I have one word from June 5, uxorious, and five more on July 8 and 9. Then nothing else is written in the new word book.

Certainly there have been other words that needed to be looked up, words that I was not really one hundred percent sure of the meaning. I even have all the tools needed to keep track of new words, yet time and time again I purposely skip over a word, refusing to take the time to write the word down in the "New word Book" and look it up in the dictionary.

Enough pontificating and lame excuse making. Here now the words:

Uxorious - adj. excessively devoted or submissive to wife. (Now there is a word that you do not hear often.)

Polemic - the art or practice of disputation. (This led to the following)

Disputation -- debate, an oral defense of an academic thesis

akimbo - Having hand on hips with elbow turned outward (I knew the meaning of this word, but think it should be used more often. It's such a great sounding word.)

Prevarication - to deviate from the truth, EQUIVOCATE

Harridan - a scolding old woman

There you have it, the latest new words that I took the time to write down.

Let us see how consistent I can be over the next two weeks.
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