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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
  I am so hopeless.
I received your letter today. It is already 8:00 PM and I just finished printing the six pages that I should have finished yesterday, but I funked out instead. A new stamp, cool. Yes, even your envelopes get my attention. I am lucky to have you as a friend.

I also received a two sided handwritten letter from Mom and Dad. They sent the extra $50.00 for the third shopping trip this month. I told them they could wait till next month, but I guess I should not complain. I just wonder if I am being clear in my letters to them.

They went on a day trip by chartered bus to Atlantic City and ended up with a $60 profit. They give out a debit type card these days, and apparently they will only cash out any amount over the $16 that is originally on the card. They mentioned something about Dad's card not functioning half way through. Technology gotta love it.

One of the biggest regrets I have is that I was not given the opportunity to learn to play the organ. I was certainly intrigued by the technical side of the instrument, would have had unlimited access to practice, but I am sure the thought never crossed my parents mind, or if it did they discounted the idea as something that I would never stick to.

Regarding their "Book Ban". I am not ranting about their objection to my selection of books. The fact that they have not said a word about it is what I have an issue with. Again I think this is a fault that is not conducive to good parent child relationships even at this late age. It falls under the "Let us ignore the issue and hope it goes away."

I am not blaming my parents for any of my actions, but I know that ignoring an issue is not the way to handle it. It is interesting and something I think I have hinted about a little in the past, but enough of this for now.

It is now 9:40 PM and moments away from the count. I was taking a walk around the dorm after finishing the second page of this letter. One of the inmates tried to ask Roger (of Frank and Roger) to listen to him read a section of a law and tell him what it means. Roger said he was busy and then the inmate caught me filling up my mug for some tea. Only one Coke today.

I ended up taking a quick trip to our law library and I found a case that he needs to look into that should answer his question. I love the logic of legal research. The thing is that the logic does not hold up in the application of it.

There is a book that is printed by one of the legal publishers each year. It contains the Penal Laws, Criminal Procedure Law and the Corrections Law. After each section of the law, they show a paragraph of each actual case that may have some bearing on the specific section. What is the definition of "is?"

Anyhow some of the legal books publish an annual update so you do not have to buy a new book each year. This one does not have that feature and it cost $150 to buy and will be out of date as soon as the NY legislature goes back in session. The most recent copy we have in our little library is the 2000 edition. They are now selling the 2005 edition.

You raise an interesting point about the possible validity of the Harry Potter letter. Do something just to get name in print? I agree with your comments, and the point I was trying to make was it is interesting to have someone willing to have an alternate opinion not that it is the truth. I might give an update to that post to clarify.

No need to mention when you send books. I am beginning to think I need to be realistic and perhaps read the first ten pages and then decide to keep it or donate it. Some of the books are really not anything I would enjoy and most of them will still be available to me in the library. So send a batch or two in the next few weeks.

Okay 10:00 PM time to proof and print the last three pages of this letter.
You're really starting to annoy me with your book ban comments. You know very well why your parents chose not to send you those books and why they chose to ignore the request all together. If the issue with you is their ignoring the request, then you can be blamed for the same behavior by your not asking them out right why they ignored the request. If you have issues with your parent's ignoring things and hope they go away then I think you should choose a more acceptable venue to discuss it with them. Using this type of literature, which offends them, to manipulate a situtation is outrageous. I am of the opinion that you're toying with them, trying to play *get your goat* possibly for some negative attention from them or maybe you get some perverse pleasure out of making them squirm?
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