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Friday, September 09, 2005
  I am lucky enough
to have a cassette tape player, something that was not possible in Club Fed. I received several sets of the old radio shows. The first one I am listening to is the Abbott and Costello shows. The set includes five tapes, nine hours and eighteen shows. It is includes the famous "Who's on First" routine. The tapes are the actual broadcast and are from the years 1944 to 1949.

The broadcast prior to the end of the war featured a hero of the week, a member of the armed forces. The award was the sending of 500,000 Camel cigarettes to the servicemen overseas. This was done for two shows a week, 1,000,000 cigarettes sent free to the boys at war. The folks at home were told that they needed to always 'keep asking for Camels at their smoke shops, and that yes there were shortages, but it was due to the war. I was listening to the broadcast from December 1945. The following was the commercial that was aired in the middle of the show.

As a musical selection ends...

"Delightful Connie, yes as delightful as the mild and tasteful smoke of a Camel cigarette meeting my T zone. The T zone, T for taste, T for throat. The zone where smokers test the smoke of any cigarette. Yes the T zone. The taste of a cigarette on your tongue, the feel of its smoke in your throat, only your T zone can judge.

That's how millions of smokers forced to experience many different brands when cigarettes were scarce found that Camels truly suited their T zone to a T. That fact is proved by factory orders for Camels now at the highest level in history. For Camels always a favorite with smokers everywhere are today demanded by more smokers than ever before.

For in smokers' T zones, the zones of taste and throat, Camels are the choice of experience."

T zone, is not T cells one of the things you have to watch when you have cancer? Coincidence?

There has been some talk of late as to how the average American does not really have to sacrifice anything during the current conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. A recent letter to the editor in the New York Times complained that the President should not have left Washington for a vacation on his ranch.

Perhaps we should follow the example of sacrifice during World War II. Let us send over millions of Camels (unfiltered), not to the U.S. Forces, but to all the opposition forces. Air drop then to the caves of Afghanistan and the rebel positions in Iraq. Flood the area with millions of free cigarettes.

After a short period of time, we could then ship over a whole bunch of executives from the cigarette companies and have them set up their manufacturing and distribution in these areas to feed the need for cigarettes. The profits from this entire endeavor could then be used to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan.

And as the enemy combatants began to get cancer and other smoking related diseases, well that might finally be the major deterrent we need to keep out new recruits. Joining the rebel forces is hazardous to your heath. You could end up with cancer and go broke paying the tribute to support your leader's smoking addiction.

Hey it worked once before, we managed to hook an entire generation of soldiers on the great American Cigarette. The only problem was it was our own citizens. Wonder if the cigarettes would be classified as a WMD? Are they also a possible chemical weapon? WMD = Weapons of Mass Dependency.

The latest PC Magazine arrived complete with a thick cover stock advertisement for the Natural Cigarette. Why would anyone still advertise a product that is known to be harmful? And what does that say about computer users that it is worth the marketing dollars to advertise in one of its top publications.

By the way, cigarette smoke can also be harmful to your computer!
Holy crap, I came across a blog pretty similar to yours earlier today. I also have one that pretty much talks about ad business classified free place related stuff. You should check it out sometime.
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