Prison Pete

Thursday, September 29, 2005
  I never did hear from the typewriter company
after my last letter and have now given up on any hope of a replacement. I will try and find out how it got so screwed up when Mom and Dad come up.

I am rapidly losing steam here. I know it is not your fault and I am not upset with anything you are doing.

It is just I am really missing the support systems, such as they were, at Club Fed and the fact that I could really be here for the next four, nine, or maybe even fifteen years is really beginning to weigh heavy on me.

I guess I am holding off coming up with a way to deal with that issue as long as there is a slim hope of the appeal process coming through.

Of course I have contradicted myself; I am dealing with it now, and it is causing serious depression.

The legal work I have been helping a few of the other inmates with further disturbs me as to show how the system can easily be manipulated to keep an inmate from being released on parole!

That is just the tip of the iceberg and you will be getting more of these thoughts in the near future.

Remember me mentioning Sal, the guy who kidnapped Katie Beers? He is supposedly going home next year after doing twelve years. One of the other inmates was saying how he really got screwed getting so much time.

Correct me if you can or care to: did he not get charged with raping Katie Beers? Or was it less serious?

Sick joke going around about his upcoming release. Hamburgers on the back deck, Beers in the basement. There are some things that I just do not understand.

Well 9:00 PM I am going to take a short break and then proof and print.
Hi! It just me again...you know me as Tammie, but don't tell anyone or I'll have to kill you! Oh, I guess that's not a very good thing to say in a prison is it? Listen, I think you should cheer up hun. Perhaps accepting that you are probably not going to get paroled is a good idea. Then, if you are paroled, it will be a wonderfully mindblowing surprise. I know you do not want to stay there. I don't want you to have to stay there either. I hope you do get paroled because from what I have read on your blog as well as in your letters, I think you are rehabilitated. You seem to have remorse for what landed you in prison in the first place and you have taken steps to make sure you do not break the law again. This is promising and if you don't get paroled, you have this to be proud of and to hold onto. I know it may not seem like much. I know more time there would be extremely depressing, but Pete, you must get a hold on this so you do not get more depressed if you don't get paroled. I have nothing else to offer accept for my support and letting you know that you must take things ONE DAY AT A TIME. If you think about years and more years, it will be more disturbing....so do what you need to do to get through today...or even through the next 60 seconds if you have to. I wish you luck and you certainly have my prayers. I'm sure part of the agony is the waiting, so stay busy and think only of the positive. Yes, there are positives in your life...just think about it. I hope you have been getting my letters and tonight I was able to make the request you've been asking me to make, so I hope they follow through and you get to hear it....until next time, adios amigo.
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