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Friday, September 16, 2005
  Memory Dump - Part II
Well I can still kill time, not necessarily productive, but killed none the less.

Please understand I am not looking for pity here. I have had plenty of therapy, and fully realize the control I do have over my actions. I am writing this particular post as a way of documenting where I think my head is at.

Even as I type this I am thinking of several different things I want to write but I can only type out one letter at a time, building one word at a time, and by the time I finish one thought my mind has already gone and reshuffled the deck and the direction has changed.

It is now 8:30 PM and it addition to eating the 4:00 meal, I have taken a shower, received the mail, and fed my self a snack. I have eaten all three meals that the prison supplied but was still missing something. PROTEIN!

I mixed up a can of octopus, with some chopped raw onion, garlic powder, hot sauce, and mustard, served on saltines. According to the nutritional information, one can of octopus is 200 calories, 70 of them are fat calories. I did drain off most of the soy oil. For those calories I get 28 grams of protein. Now I think my brain might be feeling a little less low on energy.

The copies I was waiting for were the only thing that arrived in the mail today. I was not expecting them till tomorrow, since it did not get into the mail till Monday morning. Sometimes things go smoothly. I will be working on the motion I need for the court this weekend.

Lucky for me, the editor was home this week, although he said in the short note he included with the copies that he was planning to be away but changed his plans to go away next week. Sometimes I am lucky. And grateful, for all the work my editor does on my behalf.

Okay so I killed the four hours and now have about one hour left to type up the drafts, and then spend the last hour before lights out at 11:00 PM printing the final copies. I also need to include a thank you note to editor for his speedy copy service.

I did find the stack of articles I clipped so let me rant on a few of them.

"Two Michael Jackson Jurors Voice Regret on Vote" - this story carries an AP byline and a date of August 8, so maybe it has showed up in your local papers. The bottom line is that two jurors, Ray Hultman and Eleanor Cook, who just happen to be working separately on books, now are saying that they are sorry they each voted not guilty!

I am not even questioning what the verdict should have been. If these two individuals truly thought Michael Jackson was guilty then they should have held onto that belief. This is just another case that shows the justice system does not really work correctly and it is up to each of us as citizens to keep an eye on things.

When the jurors were interviewed on MSNBC by Rita Cosby, the article says:

"..Larry Garrison, who is working with both on their separate books and a combined television movie, said all the jurors had an agreement to be united in their June 13 verdict."

Well I do not believe that is part of the instructions the judge gave the jury. As a matter of fact, the premise of facing a jury of your peers is that each individual comes to his or her own opinion.

There are plenty of cases where after much deliberation a jury cannot agree, and the jury is dismissed and a new trial is held. If you are sitting on a jury and you are in the minority you are fully able to hold onto your opinion and are duty bound not to change your vote just to go along with the others.

I think the reporter further compounds the error by asking the following softball question:

"When Ms. Cosby asked Ms. Cook whether other jurors would be angry with her, she said: 'They can be as angry as they want to. They ought to be ashamed. They're the ones that let a pedophile go.'"

The next statement from the reporter should have been: "The other jurors did not let the pedophile go free; they believed he was innocent. It is really you, Ms. Cook, feeling as you do that Michael Jackson is guilty, allowed him to go free by not voting guilty."

I think this is another case of an individual looking to make a profit where no profit is due. I have a feeling that by going public in this way, saying they felt Mr. Jackson was guilty, is just what is needed to sell their books.

It would seem that they think the books would sell better by creating this advance buzz by trying to "change" their vote. This is very dangerous to support.

I would suggest that one should not buy either of the books and certainly not watch the television movie that the article mentions.

How would you feel if you were the one on trial, and after you were found guilty one of the jurors comes out and says that he or she thought you were innocent, but since the jury agreed to "be united in their verdict" they went along with the majority?

The other side of the coin is just as bad; if you were the victim of a crime, sat through the whole trial, and the juror delivers a verdict of "Not Guilty." A few weeks later one of the jurors decides to try and make a few bucks and comes out and says that the verdict that she swore to in court was not what she thought; she or he was just going along with the others.

The issue here is not if Mr. Jackson is guilty or not. The issue is does the average Joe or Jane fully understand the fraud that Mr. Ray Hultman and Eleanor Cook are perpetrating on you, the American public?

Either they lied under oath by casting the "not guilty" vote, or are disingenuous now, claiming after the fact that they felt that Mr. Jackson was guilty.

Why did Rita Cosby of MSNBC not ask either of the "wanna-be" authors to justify their positions along the lines of the proceeding paragraph?

See, that was not so hard Pete; once I put my mind to it I can do the things that I dream of. True, dreaming requires less actual effort, but for something that was only supposed to be a couple of sentences, an entire post developed.

Since this is supposed to be 'live', I am going to leave this rant inside the Memory Dump II post. I was going to slice it out and print it as a separate post. But that would not show how my mind can under the proper discipline, stay on point, and I can write my thoughts out so others can understand them.

Okay that last line is really up to you the reader to judge, and I ask some of you to drop a comment on this post if you feel so moved.

I am not looking to discuss the actual guilt or innocence of Michael Jackson, that is not the issue; the question is, do you understand the mockery these two fellow citizens are making of the justice system?

It is now 9:45 and I have not even started the letter to the editor I mentioned earlier in this rant, I will end here. I will work on additional posts for the articles I clipped. Stay tuned.

[Full disclosure: This was originally started last Thursday, but I did not have time to fully proof it by 11:00 PM. It is now Wednesday and I have finally gotten around to proofing and printing this Memory Dump II. True I knew my editor was away this week so it would not matter when I finished it, as long as it is in the mail by Thursday. Actually I am one day early in that case. I needed to clear out the memory so I can put in the legal motion I need to get done.]
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