Prison Pete

Monday, September 26, 2005
  NY Prison Phone System.
Well this week is off to the same start as last week. A Monday letter from you. Yeah! The bad news: that was the only letter I received all week.

I think I sent you a letter at end of week confirming receipt of the books. That is it, the sum total of all my mail, one letter and one package of books. The books you sent were split in half subject wise, five were the Fantasy, Alternate Societies and five chick lit, bodice ripper genre. I have already read four of the chick lit books. The one fantasy book is written by a relative of Tolstoy so I might actually read that one.

Yeah I miss your voice too. And no that is not gay at all. The main problem right now is that all calls must be placed collect. There is a $3.60 initial charge and then 16ยข each minute. The call can be up to thirty minutes as opposed to the fifteen minute maximum at Club Fed.

Did you catch the editorial in the NY Times a few weeks ago that specifically dealt with the New York Correctional System phone system? They were comparing it to the Fed system that is direct dial; at last look I think it was 22c a minute,

The point is that when they compare it to the Feds, the next thing that is likely to occur is that if NY is forced to give up the extra cash they get from the phone system, they will raise the commissary prices.

We are currently paying between 50% to 60 % of Club Fed prices. Any change in prison rules that favors the inmates always results in a matching negative action somewhere else.
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