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Thursday, October 20, 2005
  Keep Trying.
Well it is just after 2:00 PM here at my place. It is a holiday here, Monday, Columbus Day, so that meant sleeping till 10:00 AM for the third day in a row. Brunch was two hamburgers for the lunch portion of the meal, and two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. In addition I had six of the eight ounce milks and two orange juices, four ounce size.

That certainly made up for yesterday's protein-deprived brunch where the edible entrees consisted of a double helping of soggy mini size waffles, with syrup. The waffles have the consistency of an artificial sponge. The other food item was oven half-baked French fries which were soggy and under cooked. Yes this type of food preparation is usually the fault of fellow inmate, so is yet another area of prison life where we inmates shoot ourselves in the foot. At least at Club Fed they still actually fried the French fries.

I just finished watching the "Longest Yard", the remake. I think it is funny that among the previews included with the movie was an ad to buy the original one, now in its special lockdown edition.

I have to admit I actually did enjoy myself. There are some movies where the audience enhances the movie watching experience. In this case, watching a movie where the goal is for inmates to be able to beat up on their guards, well let us just say that is certainly an enticing thought to inmates in general.

I remember seeing Animal House for the first time and being one of a very few people in the theatre at the time. It is eerie to hear the echoes of your own laughter in an empty theatre.

One of the ad-hoc audience participation games turned out to be matching some of the inmates in the movie with some of our own. In one case the name of the character was the same as the inmate we would nominate from our group to match. At one point in the movie one of the inmates that was allowed to come see the game in person, gets so excited he yells from the stands, "Group hug tonight in the shower." There is a momentary silence, then he adds, "Or not."

One of the story lines in the movie actually scares the living **** out of prison officials all across this land. It is the idea of inmates being able to work together on anything. Any hint of an occurrence of inmates working together and the varied groups, gangs or clicks might actually start to play nice with one another and before you could say "Correction System", instant mass transfers and other nefarious group busting techniques begin to take place.

Since this movie did not depend on visual detail that other movies this weekend did, it was certainly a more enjoyable time. It is very distracting to watch any movie with nighttime scenes or minute details through the snowy picture we get for the in-house VHS or DVD movies. All the broadcast channels come in clear as can be, so this seems to be a signal strength problem or perhaps copy protection conflicting with the splitters or other conflicts in the wiring of the televisions.

Although the fries might be better at Club Fed, this movie would not have been shown in its current release as it carries an 'R' rating. All movies in the federal system that are shown to inmates must carry a rating of "PG-13" or less. This was result of a law that was passed by the United States Congress, ever vigilant legislators that they are.
I get the impression that you are worried about offending your fellow inmates by referring to them personally. Is that the case or is it because you aren't very interested in them or don't think they are interesting? I'm not talking about naming names but you could invent pseudonames for some.

I liked this post because you seemed to be able to find some enjoyment and pluck it from an atmosphere so conducive to despair.

Plus there was no talk of typewriters, drafts, ribbons or carbon paper!

Still reading,
Hi Pete! I like this post too! It was about something from which you received some enjoyment and positive contemplation. It is good to know that you do have situations there in which you can escape the reality of where you are and enjoy the "present" moment. This, I think, could be one of the keys to your being happy, at least some of the time...finding some relief from the doldrums of prison life, as limited as I know the resources may be, and living in the present....which means, you aren't thinking about where you are or why, just what you are doing at that very moment and how much you are embracing it as a positive experience. I believe, much of the funk (that ALL of us experience from time to time) comes from thinking too much about the negative aspects of our lives....for example, what is lacking or what is going wrong. If we could only work on thinking about the positives more...we might be able to create a whole new world within ourselves that could allow us to be content in any situation. My hope is that you can continue to have more "living in the moment" experiences and thus, be happier and more content. All this aside, I do understand you are in a place that is not at all conducive to "being content or happy" and I am sure many of your readers, including myself, can't even come close to imagining what you go through after years of being there. However, if you could "master" your thoughts and "restrain" yourself from being too adversely affected by all the negativity around you, you would probably have accomplished something all prisoners (and all people in all walks of life) would love to be able to do....thus, some "seed" for your posts if you choose?....and possibly good subject matter for a book someday? We are all guilty of being "slaves" to our own minds and the mission is ours, if we choose to accept it, to turn it around...or maybe I am talking about something that is impossible to do in your situation? I don't know. Regardless, I would love to hear more about what it is like there outside the solitude of your cell. I don't know about your other fans, but I would like to know more about "what you do all day, your interactions with others, your analyses of your observations of all that goes on around you and the experiences that make your feelings relative to your environment and those who share it with you, whether your feelings and/or reactions are positive OR negative. Perhaps this is an idea? Just brainstorming (and rambling again, I'm afraid). Remaining positive about your talents and your motivation to accomplish more, your friend and pen pal, Tammie (alias, Bobbie Lou) p.s. mailing another manilla envelope tomorrow with lots of positive "stuff" for your perusal. Keep "up" the good work!
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