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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
  Speaking of the "F" word.
They showed 'Team America, World Police" this Sunday. After my two days of visiting with Mom and Dad, I thought this might be a nice way to unwind.

I am certainly not a prude, nor do I claim to never resorting to the use of the infamous "Seven Dirty Words" but I do think this film went overboard.

The basic storyline was to show that the efforts of United States to bring democracy to other countries do more harm than good. While I applaud the use of movies to present alternative views and allow people to pose questions as to what our nation's policies do, I think this film failed to maintain a serious enough storyline to get their point across. Instead they resorted to cheap visual gags and the 'F' word as punctuation for every other sentence. Could be me? Maybe it appealed to a younger demographic.

Hopefully some viewers of this film were able to see beyond the coarse language and crude sexual lines to question if our foreign policy is meeting the goals set out by our elected officials.

Some, maybe most, of my fellow inmates watching the movie were more enraptured by the 'sex scene' between two of the marionettes.

If you have seen this movie, I would appreciate you posting a comment about your impression of the movie.
Pete, I came across this blog, and thought I would give it a read through. I will openly admit to being skeptical about your posts, and your intentions, as I was a Corrections Officer for several years in my past. I tried to read it without prejudice, but clearly, I will have some, as you would have about me. I at this point find your Blog to be fake. I don't mean this to be confrontational or to illicit some sort of negative response from you. I just think that there are points where you don't seem to take responsibility for your actions. You say you do, but you always seem to twist the subject to someone else, or something else. I was unable to find out what you did to end up in prison, and that really doesnt matter. I guess my entire point is simply this. I would like to continue to read your blog, and hope that it is my prejudice that is not allowing me to see the change in you. I hope that when you do get out, your family is there to support you, and that you continue with the blog, to document your adjustment to the outside world. I truly hope that you are what you say you are, and that you can come out and be productive. I will try my best to judge you as an individual, as I hope you try to judge each Corrections Officer as an individual. There are good and bad on both sides.
I will vouch for Pete's blog in that it is not fake. I agree that it's hard to take especially when he doesn't post what he did on here, but I understand his reasons. I have corresponded with Pete in real snail mail and they do come from a correctional facility. I have also met his editor in person so everything that Pete writes is real. Whether he feels remorse or whatnot does not necessarily need to be posted as his posts are simply the day in and day out of his life in prison. Pete does have issues with all of that, but I do hope you keep reading.
What up, Pete? I randomly found your blog not too long ago and I have found it to be quite interesting (be it real or not...though, I think it is real). Anyways, I normally don't have much to add to your posts which is why you have never seen a comment from me, but being that I'm part of that younger demographic (I'm 24) and that I didn't like this movie, I figured I'd add my two cents. I definitely agree that the language was horrid and some of the scenes were filthy and vulgar....and that's coming from a metaphysical, dreamin' and dancin' college party kid who studies critical theory. While I applauded the intention of the messages portrayed in the film, I feel that the people who made the film went about it in such a ridiculous way, that no one probably considered the 'message' to be serious at all...just probably part of the gag. With that said, I should add the disclaimer that maybe I'm not like most people in my age group because several of my personal friends found this movie to be awesome. UUggh...it wasn't even that funny!! Sorry, this movie hits a nerve with me. You don't even know how many people kept bugging me to see this, and told me it was great and hilarious...and when I finally watched it...I could almost FEEL my brain cells withering away. Well....that's all I got today. Best of luck to you with everything and I will keep checkin' back :)
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