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Saturday, October 08, 2005
  TV Technology.
I have gotten pretty good at cooking with both the dried red chili peppers that Bill has recently gotten in and the jalapeno peppers they sell in commissary. They are $0.98 per can.

I have recently increased the amount of peppers I use in the bean and rice meal. I chop two up and cook them with the food, then add one more chopped with some more onions, raw on top. The black beans and tomato sauce with chopped onions fills the five cup hot pot and is split between Bill and I. Tom does not eat spicy food so his is cooked separately.

If you want to, you could send me a few of your home grown peppers! Put them in a plastic bag but do not seal it since the trapped in moisture tends to hurt rather than help keep the vegetables fresh. I would love to try some of the yellow peppers!

One page already done. Need to put some paragraphs in the first page. [You can see that I did that.] The draft has only two paragraphs and when I break it up it will be longer then one page, but I will handle it. Want to make it as easy as possible for you, now that I have the ability to actively contribute to the process.

I was reading an article about the collision course the electronic game industry seems to be on. The next generation machines will be so fast that they will require more and more labor intensive scene programming. I am still not clear on how the game software works but I got the impression that it is still like the old cartoon drawing technology where they have to have 'stills' for each incremental movement of the scene. The article hinted that the more detail the more bodies needed to create the content. Now if we would devote that same energy to cures for cancer and increased crop yields that might be really something.

I will take your word for the cool picture you are getting from the over the air high definition broadcast. Most of the movies we get are the DVD version and sometimes they use the 'full screen' instead of the letter box style. The main problem is that while all the cable stations come in clear, the DVD is distorted and grainy. I assume it has to do either with not a strong enough signal, or perhaps running through the various splitters or maybe the copy protection 'system' puts the fuzz in to prevent clear copying? I am thinking of writing a note to the head of the programming part of the prison, as opposed to security or administration and encourage a possible fix for the problem. I am not holding my breath.

I do understand TiVo and the DVR concept. I was surprised that Dad and Mom still do not have a DVD player. It would be good since most of the discs seem to have the closed caption option. I was thinking that they might be best buying a TV/DVD combo unit. Less wires, one remote KISS operation? Dad did say that local library is now carrying DVDs. Do you have any suggestions? I am wondering; can you get the wide screen HD type screen in a smaller size? In other words, they lost their main TV in the last big storm so they need a new TV anyhow. I'm not sure what they would spend but while Dad does like to watch TV more than Mom, it has to be really simply to operate.

Damn, 9:00 already and I still need a shower. Well I will try to finish typing one more page and if I run out of proof and print time will include post in next mailing.

Double damn, potty break and then might as well shower and then will see where I am at time wise. I need to probably just wait and send this whole thing tomorrow. My typing is rapidly degrading to some really unique word spellings. So that is it. This will wait till tomorrow, I will drop you a quick hand note tonight and then start this all much earlier tomorrow.

Well it turns out to have been a few tomorrows. Seven, but who is counting. It is now 10:30 PM Sunday evening, October 2 and I am just going to be able to get out this stuff that was already in the typewriter memory, along with the typed copies of the two handwritten letters I sent you last week. I already have a hand written draft that I wrote Friday and had great plans to type out. Oh well. As always more to come.
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