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Sunday, December 04, 2005
  Latest on the Nose and the Lack of Fresh Air.
I have given up on any hope of receiving any assistance from the medical services department here. I had resolved to put up with the swollen sinuses, and the inability to get the proper pharmacological remedy.

In the midst of putting away my commissary this afternoon, I was told to go see the nurse. I asked one of the inmates near my bed to keep an eye on my groceries and headed over to the nurse.

On arrival I saw that the doctor was in attendance along with the nurse. The nurse flashed the report from my latest nasal x-ray, the fourth or fifth since January of this year. She said that they were going to send me out for a CAT scan to see what the problem was with my nose and to be sure everything was okay.

I mentioned to the nurse that I did not feel that was necessary since in my humble opinion the problem would be solved if they would be sure to feed more 'FRESH' air into the living area. I had no problem with allergies up to this point and that when I went outside to walk my sinuses actually became less swollen.

I am still sitting in the hallway during all this time. She then goes back into the 'office' where the doctor is sitting, in plain sight of me, less than ten feet away. They 'consult' for about ten seconds, and the nurse returns and says no that cannot be the reason, the humidity outside could be helping you feel better.

Well then why not see about increasing the humidity in the dorm? But exactly how much humidity is outside in 50° weather anyhow?

I um already concerned about the overall exposure I have had to X-Rays. Since my arrival in the New York State Prison System (12/30/04) I have had a chest x-ray, a full panoramic dental x-ray, and four or five nasal x-ray series, each one at least three separate images.

Then there were the four additional dental x-rays. Wait, I almost forgot about the three back/pelvis x-rays they took to see if I deserved the hard metal bed.

The only time I had any 'protection' from the x-rays was for the dental x-rays. You know the old lead apron thing. Yes it would be tough to use that for the back and chest x-rays, but certainly it should have been used for the nasal x-rays.

They had my medical reports from Club Fed, with the same report of my lower hack problems, so the back x-rays were not needed. Nor did they find out anything new.

In all the time I have had trouble with the sinuses, not one medical professional, and I use the word professional with lots of reservations, has taken a physical look inside the nose.

Nor, as suggested in the health pages of the New York Times, taken a culture of the mucus in my nasal area.

I am sure that the CAT scan would not turn up any great revelation and signed a form acknowledging my refusal of their recommendation.

I am going to take this opportunity to write to the Nurse Administrator, the person allegedly in charge of all things medical and see of I can not encourage her to work with the plant management staff to get more fresh air in here.

Stay tuned for further updates.
Didn't they give you any spray or medicine?
Do you have headache also?
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