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Sunday, June 18, 2006
  Convicts and Inmates by Allen (Pop) Evans.
In the old days there were two kinds of people in prisons (now they are called "Correctional Facilities"). In the old days, you had the convict and the inmate. These are the rules of the old days --- and they still stand TODAY!

What is a convict...?

(1) Does his own time and let others do theirs.
(2) Minds his own business unless he is disrespected.
(3) Will not take unfair advantage of another convict
(4) Never lets another prisoner "ride his heat", he accepts full responsibility for his own actions.
(5) Never steals from another prisoner, because sneak-thieves are lower than snitches
(6) Never horseplays in the living area, remembering that others are trying to study or sleep. He goes and finds the person he wants instead of yelling for him and disturbing others. He never lets peers sway his way of thinking when he knows that he is doing the right thing.
(7) Treats and talks to everybody like he would want them to talk to and treat him.
(8) Stays away from people that he does not like, so that he will not be tempted to mistreat them.

What is an inmate...?

(1) Is a narrow-minded and immature individual that only fulfills his own "greeds and wants" at any given second.
(2) Never understands how one of his negative actions will affect the prison population.

P.S. I know that it is hard to be a man; but you could give it a try. You might become one.

End of Pop Evans' thoughts.

I have yet to meet a convict based on the above definitions.

Most of the inmates I have dealt with who claim they are convicts all seem to dance around (or right over) one or more of the points mentioned, and do so knowingly and always are ready with some lame justification as to why it was okay to "violate" the tenants of being a convict.

Me, I think prison would be a lot nicer place if we all adhered to the "Do it Anyway" principles I posted right before this one.

Well it is lights out time again, so I better get this in the mail so you all out there will eventually be able to read it.
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