Prison Pete

Sunday, June 11, 2006
  Did you happen to read
the NY Times op ed article last Thursday, "Of Love and Money" by David Brooks?

"The people who do well not only possess skills that can be measured on tests, they have self-discipline, which is twice as important as I.Q. in predicting academic achievement, according to a study by Angela Duckworth and Martin Seligman."

Yeah that makes sense. But again we are talking about things that can be measured in the first place.

The article goes on to say, "Kids learn from people they love. ... long-term relationships between love-hungry children and love-providing adults."

I know that even with my new, laid back approach to others, the intelligence factor is a ready source for 'good-natured' ribbing. I had made a comment a while back about being a member of the Marquis De Sade club, but not everyone takes the same view of my creative genius but now I certainly understand that better. One person's good natured ribbing is another's pain.

The other thing to think about is for some deep seated human condition, what was good enough for us as kids is not anywhere cool for our kids.

Why does each generation have different music? Are the Beatles any less musical? Why no more big band music? Yes some of it is practical. Maybe it costs too much to have large dance bands play every week? Technology changes and now we can loop all the old stuff and create "new" stuff. Yet some kids devote their entire childhood to classical music and attend Julliard classes on Saturdays.

One of the other things I wanted to mention that is also related to that op ed piece, is that when I typed that letter the other day, my fingers seemed to fly over the keys and the typos were certainly less than when I type my own stuff out directly. So maybe I do have to get more (some?) self-discipline?

Now do not for a minute think that both Dad and Mom never told me I could accomplish great things if I would just "apply" myself. What seems painfully obvious to a parent might be all Greek to a kid. It was to me. I could not easily make the connection that if I would conform to the directions I was being given by teachers and other adults around me, I would be a better student.

Damn, 9:50 and lights out in ten minutes.

Hope some of this makes a modicum of sense. Please feel free to poke holes, criticize, make fun of, or ask for clarification of any of this rambling. At least it took my mind off my misery for a few hours and that is a good thing.

Double damn, they just called the count. Will have just enough time to type the envelope after they take the count.
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