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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
  In the News,
In addition to the letter to you yesterday I finished off the Sunday and Monday Times. I had read Friday and Saturday on Monday. Tuesday's was read earlier this afternoon. I am working hard at not putting the papers on the round-to-it pile and so far it deems to be working.

By the way please tell anyone that to avoid any problems if they want to send me books they must have their first and last name on the return address unless it is mailed from a store or Amazon.com type thing. The address could be bogus I guess, but as long as it showed a first and last name it would pass the check-in procedure. Unless they are running address verifications? I do know a few guys have had to send out packages because they did not have the first and last name on the return address of the package.

Life is made up of incredible individual events. As I am typing this, listening to a syndicated radio program, Lia is the name of the host (http://radiolia.com/). She just took a call from a member of the Armed Forces (Airborne) who was on his way to see his seven month old daughter for the first time. He leaves for one month from Iraq and is heading back over there for another four or five months when the month is up. Talk about separation. It's all relative.

I agreed with the points that Senator John Glenn raised about past wars, but that does not mean we should not try to stop any war. Death in this country is so much about who and how. If you are a nobody or die due to possible negligence of big business (cigarettes or exploding car gas tanks). I think it is a shame to waste any one person's life and it sort of relates to the comment I made about reading the Civil War book. I took it out the other day and am starting it again from the beginning again. I really do like the book but why can we not learn from history?

It is kind of my view of spying. We get people in other counties to betray their country at the risk of their own life. Yet we are outraged if one of our citizens ends up spying for another country? I appreciate the old Spy vs. Spy in Mad magazine. I am not saying that nobody should spy, but it should be viewed more as a cost of doing business, not qualify as a capital offense. I still think that right or wrong that we, the USA, may be on any particular issue, we are in more trouble in the world today for our hypocritical positions in the world.

The NPR news today was saying that the Pentagon has decided to break up the huge logistics contract now held by the Halliburton division when it expires in 2009 and break it up into different areas. food, fuel, laundry etc. They are then going to add a contractor to watch the other contractors. Sounds like Halliburton came up with a great plan. They get the overseer contract, skim off the bulk of the money, and then when things go bad they get to blame it on the other guy who they will then replace to solve the problem and still rake in the bread.

I was talking to the head civilian today about some shelving he needs to mount his computer and printer off his desk. He mentioned that they are in the process of converting to a fiber optic network along with some dumb terminals on a few desks that will multitask off PC's in the hub area along with a network printer. It was such a tease to be able to talk computers! Let me at them.
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