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Monday, September 17, 2007
After getting that much delayed letter out to you earlier this week I found my creative juices were running like Niagara Falls. Somehow the brain came up with the idea of writing some Hikoo.

Yes, I know that is not how it is spelled, but that is part of the story. All I could remember was that there were a certain number of syllables on each line. I had hoped that the much used and tattered paperback dictionary you so kindly sent me a while back would have the necessary information as

Assuming that perhaps the word was in the dictionary but that I might be misspelling it, which would be a surprise, I then pulled out the massive hard covered Crossword Puzzle dictionary. I looked up "poetry" and there was listed Haiku.

Now back to the dictionary I go, and there it is H A I K U right where it belongs. All well and good for those of us not gifted with a rather unorthodox approach to spelling.

To bring this bit of rambling to an end, the definition did include the formula I sought, and so the following is the result of that information. In case you have forgotten, it is three lines, five syllables on the first and last lines and seven in the middle one.

To my blog readers. I know sometimes my writing can seem to go on and on and the point I am making could be made with fewer words. In that vein, I submit the following Haiku's that were written over the last twenty-four hours.

Moon full, bright and round
Its bright light shines through the trees
Can you see tonight?

Full moon round and bright
Light shines through trees and windows
You see it tonight

This poem is haiku
Five, seven, five in three lines
I think I'll write more

Prison is a dark place
No one really looks too deep
It is lonely here

Mom's Birthday has passed
I forgot to send a card
This poem is for her.

I did not think hard
To write these lines of Haiku
I should write more oft.

Jesus loves us all
He died to save you and me
He rose, lives on high.

I fixed a T.V.
Power cord and on/off switch bad
It is now okay.

Building a bookcase
Using half inch ply, rough stuff
Sander made it smooth

Morn had coffee cake
Lunch peanut butter, jelly
Dinner, we will see.

Use too many words
So with haiku must be terse
Make it sound like verse.

Pen pals I would like
Each to share life's journey with
Grateful I will be.

Two doughnut packs lent
Today no doughnuts in store
Will wait two weeks more.

Feel better today
Ice cream and treats yesterday
How long I feel up?

Where would problems go
If all the world wrote haiku
Would there be world peace?

Dinner octopus
Pasta, spice, catsup, mustard
Served chilled, with relish.

Busy post dinner
Will make birthday card for Mom
And type my haikus

Time to check pasta
Is it done yet, yes it is
Time to chill and eat.

Fall is coming soon
Some trees outside my window
Are all green no more.

Dinner is done, I'm full
Need to start typing these out
Maybe I will rest.

Microsoft is huge
Bill Gates has oodles of cash
I wish I had his.

Hand sewing pillows
They once were two, now one stuffed
Is this task legal?

Names I have been called
But now sew and sew seems right
Pillow sewed up tight.

The goal is soul mate
And lots of treasured friendships
So why not pen pal?

Work today was nice
My antagonist was out
No harsh words today.

Means Active opposition
Or hostility, urgh.

Some of these poems are
Really not that good and some
Are really no good.

Well let us see if this latest creative spark gets any reaction out there in blogland.
I dig the Haiku, Pete? A very old Japanese tradition. I read that women in old Japan would swoon over any man who could write Haiku well. Very romantic, you are.

So, the octopus. How is it that a prison commissary carries that item? Is it in high demand? I'm assuming it is canned. How does the texture compare to fresh?

Inquiring minds want to know...
I like your Haiku of your day. Keep it up, haiku are very chance driven and improve with practice.
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