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Saturday, October 20, 2007
The way shake-downs are done at my current location is that several officers go through each and every locker searching for any items that might be in an inmate's possession that should not be.

Now aside from the obvious no-no's, homemade weapons and the like, little things that one might have acquired along the way would also be tossed out. Like the boxes from the oatmeal and other food products that become handy organizers for the smaller items in our lockers.

Perhaps the quantity of an item might by checked and any excesses taken away. One might have and lose some extra underwear, one too many pair of shorts, too many books or magazines.

In my case although I have very little illegal items, the quantity of books and magazines could be the area I would suffer the losses in.


It is now day 11 and still my new keyboard has not been released from the package room. I am not sure what the holdup is. I had asked one of the officers to check with the package officer on Wednesday, and the response he received was that she "might get to it today." Well that day and five more have passed and still no keyboard.

The gods of inmate happiness were certainly smiling down on me these last three days. I was able to spend seventeen hours working on the database project. I am digging around the disk looking for any documentation that will help me understand the whole method/property/class thing that I need to use as part of the Lotus Script.

I was able to get just one thing to work today by checking out one of the sample projects that were included with the original Approach. I needed to be able to have the script read a value from one of the forms. Now only a couple hundred class, events, methods and properties to check out.

Unfortunately the help file for the Approach/LotusScript seems to be missing. Maybe my editor can do one of his shrink 4-to-a-page things and print them off the internet?

According to the help file I do have, the subjects I am looking for are Approach Classes, Events, Methods and Properties. If that is something that exists on the web and can be printed without too much trouble, great. If not, is there a reference book that contains this information? I would need a phone number and catalog number to place an order. While on the subject, does the same type of reference exist for the Access VBA Classes?

I have a basic Access reference book and Access 2002 Desktop Developer's Handbook, but neither have the listing to the classes etc. Since I have limited access to a computer, it would be a great help to have a printed resource to study. Just another one of those things that is not a problem for those of you on the outside world.

The plan is still to rewrite the project in Access, but for now we are using the work I have done in Lotus Approach. The one little "hook" I found today enabled me to remove nineteen "buttons" off the main screen, each one generated a different day/time count sheet and replace it with one drop down list to pick the day, and 5 buttons for the different times of the count.

In the background I was able to eliminate all the macros that were attached to those now deleted buttons. Where each of the reports has its own background script module, I now only need one for each time, 6 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM and 5:30 PM, and with additional documentation, I could easily condense that down to just one little procedure for all the reports.

I know what needs to be done; I just need the damn owner's manual for using all the tools these current databases products provide. This probably makes no sense to any of you readers that do not work designing databases.

To put this all into prospective, while designing custom database systems was what I did for a living, the software I was using at the time was all text/DOS based. I was just starting to look into migrating to the Windows environment. What a difference a dozen years makes in the computer field.
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