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Thursday, October 16, 2008
  Problem Solving.
A major problem for me is moving off square one. As many of you know from reading this blog, I tend to have periods of intense activity, and then long periods of nothingness.

Over the last four years one consistent thing in my life has been the delivery of the New York Times. Damn I just spent 30 minutes looking through four of those black marble hard cover composition books looking for an article that I thought I had put in one of the books. The article was about beef jerky, and how one college in Texas had developed a 'natural' beef jerky. It was selling this at a price that was about 25% cheaper than usual prices. The article listed about four companies that were the subject of 'jerky' reviews. The reason I had cut the article was to ask anyone out there to get information on how I could order some of the jerky. Now I do not know where the article ended up. I know I have it here somewhere, but where?

If someone is so inclined, you could go to the NY Times website, search for article on beef jerky, and if you have found the right article there will be a listing for one of the Texas schools that sell jerky. Now once you have gone this far, if you could obtain the ordering information and drop a note as a comment on the blog that would be great.

Related to this issue is a book review blurb I have in front of me that is from the Thursday, June 15, 2006 New York Times. Yes 2006! See what I mean about moving off square one? The book, "Leaving Church, A Memoir of Faith" by Barbara Brown Taylor. She was a rector of an Episcopal Church. She chronicles the challenges she faced. The book was published by Harper San Francisco. At this point I am wondering if anyone has a copy of this they might be willing to send me, and then I could return it after I have read it? There are a number of books I have clipped reviews for and I will dig through them to see if there are any other books out there that you all may be reading and are willing to share.

As an alternative, perhaps someone who likes to find book bargains online would be willing to act as my shopper. I would be willing to forward a deposit to cover the cost of ordering the books. I am assuming that a book like Leaving Church originally published at $23.95 could now be found for around $5.00? If this is the case then this would be a great way for me to get some of the specific books I would like to read.

I and my fellow residents at this secure location will read almost any book, so if you would like to clear out your closets or bookshelves, you can take advantage of the deal the US Post Office offers for sending books, "Media Mail" and know that your former books will indeed enjoy a new and long life of entertaining and possibly educating people that desperately need both!

How long ago was this article? Duh. I am not sure.

The point of this post was to point out some of the problems that exist being "Fenced In." Something as simple as stopping by the local library or the local mega-book store to pick up a book of interest is next to impossible. Yet reading is one of the most basic ways those of us being housed by various government authorities can enrich our lives and add to the rehabilitation efforts that is provided to us.

Okay, so now that I have places the title of a book I want to read on the official record of my journey through prison I can now throw out the article. One less piece of paper. Either someone out there will see this post and send me the book, or once I am out, I can review the archives of this blog and go find my own copy.

In the meantime I have also listed yet another piece to the puzzle that is Prison Pete, and might end up encouraging yet another reader out there to become a pen-pal. Yes a shameless plug for pen pals, but it never hurts to ask, does it?

While the rest of the world is moving at the speed of instant communication, there still are some of us who rely on the life line of snail mail for our contact with the outside world. Guess that is the point, we are not 'outside' we are the insiders and for the most part all of us will be an outsider at some point in the future.

If you know someone who is currently in prison and you do write to him or her, let me confirm that there is never a time that the receipt of a letter from the outside doesn't make one of us insiders smile from ear to ear. Those of you writing keep doing so, it is a very important task you do.

Those of you that are not among those that know someone in prison that you could write to are encouraged to adopt me as a pen-pal. Yet another shameless plug. See what happens when I am not otherwise engaged? I happen to have an entire day off from work and other programs, so am endeavoring to make a major dent in my to do pile. Before starting this post, I typed two letters for two of my neighbors, and a thank you note to one of my relatives for some family pictures of my dad's 80th birthday party.

So let’s see, the book review was from 2006, the pictures were received September 12, 2008, now on to some of the to-do stuff in the middle.

But first a break for some lunch and let us hope more typing this afternoon as opposed to giving up and taking an afternoon siesta. Stay tuned.
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My husband is a bookseller on eBay, so I'll ask him if he has some unsold books that I can send (although I don't know if they'd be good or not as they are mostly vintage). I know Pete probably can't check out this link, but if anyone can tell me which kind of books would be good, I'd appreciate it.


Where do I send them to?
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